New FAQ: Do childcare centres do cloth nappies?

Yes! Some childcare centres embrace cloth nappies enthusiastically, even to the point of providing a flat nappy service included in the fee. With many centres, however, you may receive a lukewarm response, or resistance. These responses tend to be rooted in outdated ideas about cloth nappies.

The Australian Nappy Network has prepared a fact sheet and resources if you need to educate your childcare centre about cloth nappies.

Most importantly, please remember: childcare centres are bound by their accreditation requirements to have the facilities to deal with cloth nappies, and to respect your parental decisions. Cloth nappies are not banned in childcare centres, nor are they unhygienic; and many Ozclothnappies members are using them successfully.

You can read the rest of the Ozclothnappies FAQ here.


Reusable Nappy Week is coming – Volunteers wanted

There are busy busy times ahead in the coming months for the ANN and we need all hands on deck!

REUSABLE NAPPY WEEK – October 13th – 19th, 2008

It seems like AGES away, but these things creep up on us and bite us on the bum (excuse the pun) before we know it!!! If we want certain events, certain venues, certain activities, certain dates, we need to lock them in, Eddie. 

The theme this year will be focussing on fashion in cloth nappies be it tie-dyed squares or the funkiest fitted or cuttest woolies.

The week will be essentially run by the ANN (Australian Nappy Network), and costs covered for ANN approved RNW activities. Those representing the ANN or running an event need to be a member of the ANN but non ANN volunteers can be involved as well.

Some ideas for the types of things that can be done are below, if you think that you can help organise any of these in your state, have some other event ideas or can you help in any way please volunteer.


1. Contacting your state co-ordinator at, or

2. Joining us on the Australian Nappy Network forum.


Anyone willing to contact their local library about display space, and if they are willing to lend a nappy (or few) to the cause for a week, we can provide posters and flyers.


If you have a contact at your local council or would like to seek their support could be useful.


Perhaps a fashion show with some of the tots showing off some fancy funky naps… where? When? Who? How? 


There will be a national approach regarding the media. Any tips/offers of help welcome.


We have previously organised some great workshops and would love the hear from anyone keen to share their nappy sewing knowledge and perhaps make snap presses available.


As said many times, you don’t need to commit to doing a stint on TV or a talk to 100 parents, a simple coffee catch up at a chid friendy cafe, or better still, a park, goes down really well and is fun for all. A display at a library is fantastic exposure and low maintenance. 
We have PLI for any events that require it. 

NORTHERN TERRITORY CO-ORDINATOR  – We also require a co-ordinator for the Norther Territory

GREAT DOWN UNDER NAPPY HUNT – We will be needing some helpers to assist with Hunt organisation as well.

So come along and volunteer at