Last chance to get your baby into the 2009 ANN Calendar

A still from the 2008 ANN Calendar
A still from the 2008 ANN Calendar


The Australian Nappy Network is planning to release a 2009 wall calendar featuring gorgeous cloth-bottomed bubs. They are inviting you to submit photos for a chance for your baby or toddler to be featured. Selected entries will receive a free calendar and, of course, unlimited bragging rights!

Email your photos as attachments in the largest size you have available to
2009photos at nappynetwork dot org dot au

Format: Photos need to be in high resolution format, 300 DPI and landscape A4 size (210—297mm). The file name of the photo MUST include the entrants SURNAME for easy identification. There is a limit of 2 entries per child. Entries will close at the end of August!

Entrants will be required to complete a general release form, and entries not accompanied by a release form will be withdrawn. Release forms will be sent to applicants by return email upon receipt of entries.

The decision of the ANN selection panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The ANN may retain entries for consideration in the following year’s calendar and for other publications.

To get an idea of what might be suitable you can see this years calendar on Ozebaby .

So get snapping!!!!!!

Ideally we would like to have the calendar ready to go prior to Real Nappy Week, so if you would like to help with producing the calendar let us know.

The Australian Nappy Network staff


City of Casey rebate draw: save up to 50% on your 2008 stash purchases!

The City of Casey, Victoria, has announced that it will be holding a draw for cloth users to be in the running for a 50% rebate on their setup costs. 

Casey is supporting parents to use cloth nappies to reduce waste and landfill, and to benefit the environment. Now setting up a cloth stash may be even cheaper. 

The City of Casey will be funding a Cloth Nappy Rebate Draw to encourage parents to choose cloth nappies over disposables. Every month during the draw period, a name and receipt will be drawn from those entered with the attached form, and 50% of the purchase cost for the full set of cloth nappies will be reimbursed (up to $300). Entries will be kept from month to month, so there is no need to re-enter, and you could have a chance to win the next month.

How to enter? Fill in the Nappy Rebate Draw form, and attach your original receipt for the nappies (photocopies not accepted). Nappies need to have been purchased after the 1st of Jan 2008.

NOTE: You must be a resident of the City of Casey to be eligible.

For all enquiries, contact the Environmental Education Officer, Abbie Lane:
9705 5691



Support the Australian Nappy Network Ltd

 After years of planning, brainstorming, collaborating and dreaming, the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd (ANN) invites you to join us on our quest to spread the word to the wider community about the many benefits of reusable nappies.

Join, donate, or sponsor us now at!

About Modern Cloth Nappies

Cloth nappies have come a long way since terry squares and buckets full of bleach. Today’s modern cloth nappies use smart designs and innovative new fabrics, and require no pinning or soaking. They can be reused over and over, making them cheaper – and far less polluting – than single use nappies. So modern cloth nappies are a great choice for parents – if only more parents knew about them! The challenge for the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd is to raise the profile of modern cloth nappies, so that parents know there is a better alternative to disposables.


About the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd

The ANN is a not-for-profit organisation, the goal of which is to educate the Australian community on the health, environmental and financial benefits of using cloth nappies. We will be drawing on the combined skills, enthusiasm and experience of individuals and businesses like you to operate.


Our flagship national event is Reusable Nappy Week™, held in October each year. Reusable Nappy Week™ features events right around Australia, from capital cities to regional centres. Highlights include public information sessions, nappy displays, media events and community gatherings.


ANN members also run regular community-focused events, such as classes at maternity hospitals, workshops, markets and expo stalls. Each State and Territory Coordinator in the ANN has a nappy sample kit, used to provide hands-on education about modern cloth nappies.



The online presence of the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd, where we will keep all our online resources and announce our various advocacy events & projects is at
Bookmark it now.


The ANN Work Programme

The Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd knows that the task of changing entrenched attitudes to cloth and disposable nappies is a large one. Around 95 per cent of Australian parents use disposable nappies, at a high cost to them and to the environment. In order to redress this imbalance, the ANN will:


national cloth nappy advocacy activities.

healthcare professionals, local authorities, local businesses and parents.

Australian parents, through campaigns and local-level activities, using consistent, impartial information.

parents, the cloth nappy industry and researchers.

to have stakeholders in the community recognise and promote the financial, health and environmental advantages of cloth nappies.

to help reduce the ecological impact of nappy use at all points of the supply chain, from cropping to laundry techniques.


How Can You Help?

There are now opportunities for individuals and businesses from all realms of the reusable nappy world to support the work of the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd, through individual membership and volunteer advocacy roles, and business sponsorships and advertising packages.


Assisting the ANN financially will assist with providing the resources to disseminate information.



Besides donations, which are always welcome, there are 2 ways individuals can support the ANN:



By becoming a Subscriber, whereby you receive a pack of advocacy material, a subscription to the ANN eZine and 5% discount on all ANN merchandise, and



By becoming a Member, whereby you receive all of the above and you also have the right to do or supervise ANN advocacy work as a Community Nappy Advocate and have voting rights at all ANN general meetings.


Please note on your application any voluntary contributions to ANN projects, events and activities, past, present and future, as we will extend the duration of eligible memberships to show our appreciation.


Business Sponsorship

There are a variety of Sponsorship packages and advertising opportunities available for businesses. Please see our website for details.




We appreciate your patience and support and hope you share our excitement as we fully and finally launch the ANN.



Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd


ANN Cloth Friendly Child Care & Cloth Friendly Hospitals Surveys – Can YOU Help?

The Australian Nappy Network (ANN) will be running and publicising many projects that will help to promote the wider use of reusable nappies.

One of the ANN’s first big projects is a set of search-able databases designed to make it easier for parents to a) choose child care and hospitals that use the nappies they want used on their children and b) equip parents with information about the nappies that are used in hospitals and child care they may need to use.

While we intend to contact service providers to populate the Cloth Friendly Child Care and Cloth Friendly Hospital databases, to start with we would like to ask users of child care and hospital (maternity and pediatric) services to complete a survey for any service they have used, detailing their experiences, knowledge, and the service provider’s willingness to use various types of nappies. The surveys should take no more than a few minutes each to complete.

The surveys can be found at the following links:

Cloth in Child Care: 

Cloth in Hospitals:

Great Down Under Nappy Hunt – be in the running for heaps of nappy prizes.

It’s that time again! Shane, Lesley, and Diaper Decisions have announced that Hunter registrations are open for the fourth semi-annual Great Down Under Nappy Hunt™! Ozclothnappies is proud to once again be a Hunt Sponsor. 

The GDUNH is a month-long web treasure hunt. This is the icon you will be looking for: 

GDUNH icon  

How does the GDUNH work? It’s simple! You register at Diaper Decisions between now and March 1st.Then, when the hunt starts on March 1st, you have one month to visit all the participating sponsor sites and hunt for the Diaper Decisions™ nappy icon. Find enough nappy icons, and you will earn entries to the 47 random prize drawings, including Three Grand Prizes! Prizes are worth in excess of $4000.

For more details about this great event, please visit the Rules and FAQ pages.

If you get stuck whilst hunting, please visit the official Hint Forum and ask for help. Sponsors will not be giving out hints however in the first few days of the hunt.

Remember it is a competition. Posting of hints and help on other forums will be construed as cheating, and you may be banned from this and further hunts.

 See you at the hunt! 

Cloth nappies a key money-saving strategy

Reusable nappies are an important part of budgeting for new parents. reports: 


Latest figures show that middle-income parents with two children will spend more than $500,000 on them by the time they hit the age of 21. 


But are those costs just a sign of the times, or are there ways to cut spending without compromising the quality of their childhood?


Here are a few ideas.  […]  

4. Washable nappies

While there has been no comprehensive published study of the environmental benefits of cloth nappies in Australia, they are certainly a lot easier on your pocket.


You can spend as much as $4000 on disposable nappies per child, but cloth nappies and laundry costs shouldn’t come to more than $1500 – and even less for the second child, as you can reuse the nappies you bought for the first baby.  


Many people labour under the misconception that laundering nappies is a substantial household cost. On the contrary – washing cloth nappies costs around a dollar a week even if you’re not particularly frugal, and it can cost a lot less if you use cold water, off-peak power, and minimal detergent.  Sunlight sanitises home-washed nappies just fine most of the time.

For a detailed costing, see the Ozclothnappies FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). 

Spend your laundry savings on green power – and your nappy savings might fund a rainwater tank or solar system. 

Other frugal tips from the article that also help the environment and your health include going to the park instead of driving to malls and movies, teaching your kids to grow and cook fresh whole foods, growing vegetables, and buying a good bike so they can get into the habit of cycling instead of driving.     

Inaugural ANN calendar – order yours now!

The Australian Nappy Network is proud to announce that the first  ANN Calendar will be printed any minute now. They can be ordered via Ozebaby for only $15 including postage and handling.