“Aren’t disposable nappies 100% biodegradable these days?”

New FAQ Question: * Aren’t disposable nappies 100% biodegradable these days?

Be very sceptical of biodegradability claims. Many disposable nappies are now claiming to be 70% or even 100% “biodegradable”.

Firstly, biodegradation claims are made after testing in ideal composting conditions with access to air, conditions which do not occur in our landfills. A typical household compost heap cannot cope with the output of even one baby, and soiled nappies should not go into household compost at all.

Secondly, biodegradability claims can be spurious. For one example, as of August 2008, SeNevens is under ACCC investigation for alleging that their Safeties Nature Nappies are 100% biodegradable. THe ACCC alleges false, misleading and deceptive conduct in their marketing of these nappies, in breach of the Trade Practices Act.

Link: “ACCC institutes proceedings against SeNevens International ltd

Lastly, landfill is not the most important environmental impact that nappies have. You need to look at the entire life cycle, the carbon costs, the packaging, the transportation costs, the energy consumed in manufacture, the pollution, the raw materials including non-renewable resources. Focussing on biodegradability is very convenient for nappy manufacturers who would like to greenwash their products, but it is not the whole story.


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 After years of planning, brainstorming, collaborating and dreaming, the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd (ANN) invites you to join us on our quest to spread the word to the wider community about the many benefits of reusable nappies.

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About Modern Cloth Nappies

Cloth nappies have come a long way since terry squares and buckets full of bleach. Today’s modern cloth nappies use smart designs and innovative new fabrics, and require no pinning or soaking. They can be reused over and over, making them cheaper – and far less polluting – than single use nappies. So modern cloth nappies are a great choice for parents – if only more parents knew about them! The challenge for the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd is to raise the profile of modern cloth nappies, so that parents know there is a better alternative to disposables.


About the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd

The ANN is a not-for-profit organisation, the goal of which is to educate the Australian community on the health, environmental and financial benefits of using cloth nappies. We will be drawing on the combined skills, enthusiasm and experience of individuals and businesses like you to operate.


Our flagship national event is Reusable Nappy Week™, held in October each year. Reusable Nappy Week™ features events right around Australia, from capital cities to regional centres. Highlights include public information sessions, nappy displays, media events and community gatherings.


ANN members also run regular community-focused events, such as classes at maternity hospitals, workshops, markets and expo stalls. Each State and Territory Coordinator in the ANN has a nappy sample kit, used to provide hands-on education about modern cloth nappies.



The online presence of the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd, where we will keep all our online resources and announce our various advocacy events & projects is at www.nappynetwork.org.au
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The ANN Work Programme

The Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd knows that the task of changing entrenched attitudes to cloth and disposable nappies is a large one. Around 95 per cent of Australian parents use disposable nappies, at a high cost to them and to the environment. In order to redress this imbalance, the ANN will:


national cloth nappy advocacy activities.

healthcare professionals, local authorities, local businesses and parents.

Australian parents, through campaigns and local-level activities, using consistent, impartial information.

parents, the cloth nappy industry and researchers.

to have stakeholders in the community recognise and promote the financial, health and environmental advantages of cloth nappies.

to help reduce the ecological impact of nappy use at all points of the supply chain, from cropping to laundry techniques.


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There are now opportunities for individuals and businesses from all realms of the reusable nappy world to support the work of the Australian Nappy Network™ Ltd, through individual membership and volunteer advocacy roles, and business sponsorships and advertising packages.



Assisting the ANN financially will assist with providing the resources to disseminate information.



Besides donations, which are always welcome, there are 2 ways individuals can support the ANN:



By becoming a Subscriber, whereby you receive a pack of advocacy material, a subscription to the ANN eZine and 5% discount on all ANN merchandise, and



By becoming a Member, whereby you receive all of the above and you also have the right to do or supervise ANN advocacy work as a Community Nappy Advocate and have voting rights at all ANN general meetings.


Please note on your application any voluntary contributions to ANN projects, events and activities, past, present and future, as we will extend the duration of eligible memberships to show our appreciation.


Business Sponsorship

There are a variety of Sponsorship packages and advertising opportunities available for businesses. Please see our website for details.




We appreciate your patience and support and hope you share our excitement as we fully and finally launch the ANN.



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Oz Cloth Nappies: 54,062 Served

Oz Cloth Nappies extends a warm welcome to all visitors to our site, new and old. We are proud to announce that we reached 40, 998 unique visitors to our corner of the web in 2006, and have already reached 6, 451 to January 26 this year. The modern cloth nappy revolution is truly a reality.

Visitors are mostly from Australian and New Zealand, and have included people from the USA, Canada, the UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Oman, Qatar, Afghanistan and elsewhere! Hello to users of reusable nappies all over the globe.

We’re looking forward to Reusable Nappy Week this March! Reusable Nappy Week Australia runs from 19-26 March, 2007. There will be nappycinos, knittycinos, sewing workshops, and information sessions all over the country. Stay tuned to the Modern Cloth Nappies site for more details.

Cloth nappies: anything else is just rubbish.

Press Release: MyPlanet Nappy Recycling Closure & Eco Nappy Alternatives

The Melbourne branch of the Oz Cloth Nappies (Australia) community is happy to assist parents left high and dry by the MyPlanet closure. Contact your local Modern Cloth Nappies information co-ordinator Lucy Westerman.