About Oz Cloth Nappies

Welcome to OzClothBlog! After four years of Ozclothnappiesy goodness, I’ve realised that the news stories and media links are piling up a bit on the front page. I’ve therefore started this blog to keep you up to date with announcements, media snippets, and cloth news.

Ozclothnappies is everything you need to know about cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand. Oz Cloth Nappies is an established community site, offering comprehensive information, support and advocacy for parents, work-at-home nappy business owners, and others. We just celebrated out fourth birthday, in March 2007.

Ozclothnappies is run and supported purely by volunteers, with zero budget and no paid advertising, and no commercial affiliation.

We are thrilled to have witnessed and fostered the growth of the cloth community Down Under, and to have been there at the birth of the New Zealand Nappy Network, and now Australia’s national non-profit cloth nappy advocacy organisation, the Australian Nappy Network(tm). We plan to work closely with the Australian Nappy Network(tm) into the future, promoting informed, easy, economical and environmentally friendly choices for all parents.

The Oz Cloth Nappies site includes:

  • A detailed cloth nappy FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions guide) to get you started on the right track
  • Links to information, advocacy, sewing and knitting patterns, and for-sale sites
  • A list of stores, demonstrators and markets where you can see and buy nappies in “in real life”
  • Face-to-face gatherings, information sessions, and workshops in many cities and regional centres: for parents, grandparents, carers and kids.
  • A gallery of cloth-nappied babies
  • Twice weekly live chats.
  • And…

The heart of the group is our busy email list where you can meet and chat with like-minded parents. Ask all the questions you have about washable nappies, encompassing the full range of washable nappies from modern cloth nappies and traditional flat nappies and prefolds. Confused about how to start? How to get into a routine? Puzzled by nappy jargon? Setting up cloth at daycare? Specific questions about particular reusable nappies? Need some myths debunked? Or just a bit of support in the face of family and friends who haven’t heard of modern cloth yet? Want to know what’s the latest in nappy fashion right now? Join up and ask away!

Come and join in the


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