New FAQ: Do childcare centres do cloth nappies?

Yes! Some childcare centres embrace cloth nappies enthusiastically, even to the point of providing a flat nappy service included in the fee. With many centres, however, you may receive a lukewarm response, or resistance. These responses tend to be rooted in outdated ideas about cloth nappies.

The Australian Nappy Network has prepared a fact sheet and resources if you need to educate your childcare centre about cloth nappies.

Most importantly, please remember: childcare centres are bound by their accreditation requirements to have the facilities to deal with cloth nappies, and to respect your parental decisions. Cloth nappies are not banned in childcare centres, nor are they unhygienic; and many Ozclothnappies members are using them successfully.

You can read the rest of the Ozclothnappies FAQ here.


One Response to “New FAQ: Do childcare centres do cloth nappies?”

  1. Katerina Sioulas Says:

    Thank you for that fact sheet! It’s great to know we can have these resources to provide accurate information back to our child care givers.

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