ANN Cloth Friendly Child Care & Cloth Friendly Hospitals Surveys – Can YOU Help?

The Australian Nappy Network (ANN) will be running and publicising many projects that will help to promote the wider use of reusable nappies.

One of the ANN’s first big projects is a set of search-able databases designed to make it easier for parents to a) choose child care and hospitals that use the nappies they want used on their children and b) equip parents with information about the nappies that are used in hospitals and child care they may need to use.

While we intend to contact service providers to populate the Cloth Friendly Child Care and Cloth Friendly Hospital databases, to start with we would like to ask users of child care and hospital (maternity and pediatric) services to complete a survey for any service they have used, detailing their experiences, knowledge, and the service provider’s willingness to use various types of nappies. The surveys should take no more than a few minutes each to complete.

The surveys can be found at the following links:

Cloth in Child Care: 

Cloth in Hospitals:


2 Responses to “ANN Cloth Friendly Child Care & Cloth Friendly Hospitals Surveys – Can YOU Help?”

  1. ozclothnappies Says:


    Should the experiences be particularly recent, or are older experiences welcome also? I’m not sure whether things have changed at the CCC we used.


  2. ausnappynetwork Says:

    We value and appreciate all responses! One of the questions in the survey gives the opportunity to note whether you are a current or past parent, and if past, when your child was attending the service. If we ultimately get a response from someone attending the same service more recently, we can use the most up to date data, and if there is any conflicting advice, we will contact the service provider directly to clarify.

    So yes, please complete a survey, but do note when you last knew your replies to be relevant – ie, when you last used the service.

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