ANN Cloth Friendly Child Care & Cloth Friendly Hospitals Surveys – Can YOU Help?

The Australian Nappy Network (ANN) will be running and publicising many projects that will help to promote the wider use of reusable nappies.

One of the ANN’s first big projects is a set of search-able databases designed to make it easier for parents to a) choose child care and hospitals that use the nappies they want used on their children and b) equip parents with information about the nappies that are used in hospitals and child care they may need to use.

While we intend to contact service providers to populate the Cloth Friendly Child Care and Cloth Friendly Hospital databases, to start with we would like to ask users of child care and hospital (maternity and pediatric) services to complete a survey for any service they have used, detailing their experiences, knowledge, and the service provider’s willingness to use various types of nappies. The surveys should take no more than a few minutes each to complete.

The surveys can be found at the following links:

Cloth in Child Care: 

Cloth in Hospitals:


Great Down Under Nappy Hunt – be in the running for heaps of nappy prizes.

It’s that time again! Shane, Lesley, and Diaper Decisions have announced that Hunter registrations are open for the fourth semi-annual Great Down Under Nappy Hunt™! Ozclothnappies is proud to once again be a Hunt Sponsor. 

The GDUNH is a month-long web treasure hunt. This is the icon you will be looking for: 

GDUNH icon  

How does the GDUNH work? It’s simple! You register at Diaper Decisions between now and March 1st.Then, when the hunt starts on March 1st, you have one month to visit all the participating sponsor sites and hunt for the Diaper Decisions™ nappy icon. Find enough nappy icons, and you will earn entries to the 47 random prize drawings, including Three Grand Prizes! Prizes are worth in excess of $4000.

For more details about this great event, please visit the Rules and FAQ pages.

If you get stuck whilst hunting, please visit the official Hint Forum and ask for help. Sponsors will not be giving out hints however in the first few days of the hunt.

Remember it is a competition. Posting of hints and help on other forums will be construed as cheating, and you may be banned from this and further hunts.

 See you at the hunt!