Cloth nappies a key money-saving strategy

Reusable nappies are an important part of budgeting for new parents. reports: 


Latest figures show that middle-income parents with two children will spend more than $500,000 on them by the time they hit the age of 21. 


But are those costs just a sign of the times, or are there ways to cut spending without compromising the quality of their childhood?


Here are a few ideas.  […]  

4. Washable nappies

While there has been no comprehensive published study of the environmental benefits of cloth nappies in Australia, they are certainly a lot easier on your pocket.


You can spend as much as $4000 on disposable nappies per child, but cloth nappies and laundry costs shouldn’t come to more than $1500 – and even less for the second child, as you can reuse the nappies you bought for the first baby.  


Many people labour under the misconception that laundering nappies is a substantial household cost. On the contrary – washing cloth nappies costs around a dollar a week even if you’re not particularly frugal, and it can cost a lot less if you use cold water, off-peak power, and minimal detergent.  Sunlight sanitises home-washed nappies just fine most of the time.

For a detailed costing, see the Ozclothnappies FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). 

Spend your laundry savings on green power – and your nappy savings might fund a rainwater tank or solar system. 

Other frugal tips from the article that also help the environment and your health include going to the park instead of driving to malls and movies, teaching your kids to grow and cook fresh whole foods, growing vegetables, and buying a good bike so they can get into the habit of cycling instead of driving.