Are you a nappy nerd?

Take the Nappy Test at to score your level of nappy nerdiness.

I’m an Addict, apparently. What about you? User Test: The Nappy Test.


8 Responses to “Are you a nappy nerd?”

  1. Bek Says:

    Yep, I’m addicted too!!
    hehe, you have to have *some* vices ;o)

  2. Lucy Says:

    hmmm… an addict – who me?

  3. Ruby Says:

    Apparently I’m cloth obsessed… I didn’t think I was that bad/good actually! I’m just a full time cloth user who likes to talk to other people about living green and sure, I’ve tried a bunch of different nappies and … OK. I’m starting to see now.

  4. deb Says:

    hehehe even dh is an addict!!

  5. Theresa Says:

    yep… another Addict here too!

  6. Lesley Says:

    I’m cloth obsessed. Might have been an addict, but I don’t race out to try all the new cloth out there. I stick to my tried and trues mostly lol!!

  7. Jayne Says:

    Obsessed here too, funny that!

  8. Charndra Says:

    I come out as 58% clothy, or Cloth Keen.

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