Video guide to cloth nappies

Are you brand new to cloth nappies? Do you want to show a friend a simple guide to the different types of cloth nappies? Are you wondering how Snappies work?

Take a look at the “Healthy Diapers” video guide to cloth nappies. This is a great set of introductory and explanatory videos on cloth nappies.

How does it all work? What are bleached and unbleached prefolds? How do you put on a prefold with a Snappi? How about just laying a prefold into a wrap? What do you do with a used nappy? This set of videos also covers velcro wrap-style nappy covers, pull-up woollen soakers, velcro or snap fitted nappies, all-in-one nappies, pocket nappies and inserts, lay-in and snap-in doublers (boosters), flushable liners, swim nappies.

[Note: nappy services in Australia use flat square nappies, not prefolds. For a guide to folding flat nappies, check out The Nappy Lady.]


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