Modern cloth nappies at Bubhub

This month’s Bubhub newsletter focuses on cloth nappies. Read it here:

Bubhub: Modern cloth nappies

Baby K models a modern cloth nappy

“Becoming a parent for the first time is an overwhelming experience and with so many reusable nappy options now available it’s great to know there is a little help to navigate through the choices.

The Australian Nappy Network formed earlier this year as an independent non-profit advocacy organisation to support parents and help objectively spread the word about reusable nappies.

Other online communities providing support and information, such as and, have been around for a little longer and have grown rapidly in that time, now registering more than 1500 users. The Bub Hub forum also has a lively modern cloth nappy discussion area.

The demand for reusable nappies has grown along with the online groups, but you won’t find them on the supermarket shelves just yet.

An emerging cottage industry has sprung up in Australia over the past four years, with many mums importing fabrics not widely available here, and with bright ideas and a passion for sewing, they have started selling cloth nappies online.”

Read the rest at the link: Bubhub: Modern cloth nappies


One Response to “Modern cloth nappies at Bubhub”

  1. Sass E-mum Says:

    There is just one supermarket chain in the UK that stocks reusable nappies and liners. Waitrose. Well, it’s a start.

    If there’s any doubt about the ease of resusable nappies, I’ve written a short blog on using these:

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