Oz Cloth Nappies: 54,062 Served

Oz Cloth Nappies extends a warm welcome to all visitors to our site, new and old. We are proud to announce that we reached 40, 998 unique visitors to our corner of the web in 2006, and have already reached 6, 451 to January 26 this year. The modern cloth nappy revolution is truly a reality.

Visitors are mostly from Australian and New Zealand, and have included people from the USA, Canada, the UK, Brazil, France, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Oman, Qatar, Afghanistan and elsewhere! Hello to users of reusable nappies all over the globe.

We’re looking forward to Reusable Nappy Week this March! Reusable Nappy Week Australia runs from 19-26 March, 2007. There will be nappycinos, knittycinos, sewing workshops, and information sessions all over the country. Stay tuned to the Modern Cloth Nappies site for more details.