Welcome to the Oz Cloth Nappies Blog!

Welcome to OzClothBlog! After four years of Ozclothnappiesy goodness, I’ve realised that the news stories and media links are piling up a bit on the front page. I’ve therefore started this blog to keep you up to date with announcements, media snippets, and cloth news.

The main Oz Cloth Nappies site is at www.ozclothnappies.org. There you will find a very comprehensive cloth nappy FAQ; a Links section with buying links, folding info, and heaps of DIY links to sew, knit or crochet your own gear; a listing of “real-life” stores and demonstrators; and heaps more.

To join in the nappy chat, come and join our discussion group here at Yahoogroups. There you will find over 700 parents like you who like to talk nappies. Ask your question, share your discoveries, whatever you like. The group can be used as a mailing list or as a web-based forum.

To join in the advocacy push at the Australian Nappy Network, come join us at www.nappynetwork.org. The Australian Nappy Network is a national group of cloth nappy parents, businesses and environmental advocates who aim to inform and educate the community about modern cloth nappy techniques, which are easier, cheaper, safer, and better for our planet than conventional disposable and traditional cloth nappying techniques.

You can subscribe to the feed for this blog through your browser or RSS reader, or get email notifications via Feedburner (see the right sidebar), or just drop in whenever you like. Please feel free to comment and ask questions!


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